We have developed an interactive online learning platform,

to help you learn different languages in a fun & exciting way.


It’s called Train2Talk.



It can help anyone learn several languages,

at their own speed, from the comfort of their home.




What makes Train2Talk different?



Most language programs focus on

on vocabulary and phrases that people

use frequently in different situations.



What students don’t really learn

is to build their own sentences,

and translate their own thoughts

into the other language.



They can use what they've learned,

but they tend to struggle in conversations

not covered by their materials.



Train2Talk does something different.

It teaches you to build your own sentences and

translate your own thoughts into the other language.

It also helps you practice, as long as you need,

so you can SPEAK without HESITATION.



A new, special teaching method:


Most languages use sentences

as the basis of speech.


By understanding & practicing

the different types of sentences

you’ll learn to „think” with them

just like you think with your own language.


The focus is on training you to talk,

by practicing the different types of

sentence structures.




Train2Talk – An Interactive Online Learning Platform

From Beginner to Intermediate levels



The entire system teaches about 4000-5000 words

and over 10,000 sentences for each language that we have.

About 1,000 words and 3,000 sentences

can be learned at the Starter level,

and a lot more on the Learner level.