Many people want to learn languages, to get to know
other countries, cultures, but they don’t have time to
spend years to learn just one.

The truth is that it’s not that difficult to learn another
language. Unfortunately, we all have bad experiences
from school, and many people think that they lack the
ability or the „talent” to learn languages.

How does a child learn to speak?

At first, they just listen. And then they start mimicking.
They don’t start with full blown sentences….first they
speak words, then broken expressions.

An average child starts speaking in sentences after 3-4
During this time they are continually in the
environment of that language and their mind
instinctively recognizes the patterns and rules of the

The question is, can this 3-4 year process be shortened?

Yes, of course!
A child learns without a system.
They haven’t learned any language yet, there is nothing
for them to compare it to. 

Most languages create sentences in a similar way.
There are basic patterns,
that are common for most languages.

Knowing these basic patterns, and using the child’s
mimicry type of learning, we can build up the process
of learning to speak in any language,
teaching it step by step, drilling the words, and then
connecting the words into sentences, in almost any

The difference is that it is even easier to teach
someone a second language, and much faster, because
they are able to understand the explanations!

With this program you can practice whenever you
want, and as much as you want.

Moreover, you don’t have to feel embarrassed in front
of others if your speed is not the same as theirs.
A major advantage of our system is that it builds on
what’s most important for the human
mind: understanding.

There are simple and easily understandable
explanations before the exercises, and you never have
to feel lost in the sea of language, because you will
understand what and why you are practicing.

The exercises are built to follow an exact
. We build your knowledge step by step with
games and quizzes to help you practice.
So you can
learn with certainty. Having a pleasant and fun
experience. You can learn with understanding and
without any confusion.